A breakthrough in creativity

If you knew that there was a piano program that could develop your natural and innate musicianship and expand your creativity, how might that:

  • Impact your ability to problem solve?
  • Improve your ability to think outside of the box?
  • Positively affect the results of your studies and academics?
  • Enhance any and all of your professional and business endeavors?
  • Elevate your relationships, happiness, satisfaction and individuality?

Watch the video and see how music education is critical to your future.

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This rich and comprehensive self-study course promises to have you playing great-sounding music – immediately – from your very first lessons.

Nourish your brain, de-stress & discover new possibilities

Develop yourself in amazing ways:

  • Grow a stronger brain
  • Develop and strengthen neural pathways
  • Nourish, nurture and stimulate creativity
  • Impact self-expression
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Why the Music & Creativity Program is so awesome:

  • The quantity of music that you will play
  • The quality of the music that you will play
  • How quickly, easily and naturally you can play beautiful music
  • Piano is a powerful vehicle for stress relief, and a unique creative outlet
  • Music & Creativity is fun! You’ll love it!
  • Watch yourself gain confidence as you progress
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Frequently asked questions

A. Quite simply (as is the case for the vast majority of our students), if you start this week, you’ll be playing great-sounding songs by next week. Many, many of our students who start today, will be playing songs by tomorrow. And for a lot of our students, you included, it’s absolutely likely that you’ll be playing complete songs, with both hands, the very same day that you start.

A. Here’s what happens: You begin playing music right away – within the first 5 minutes. Yes, 5 minutes! You’ll start with simple but beautiful improvisations over a gorgeous, professionally-produced soundtrack that you’ll play right from your computer, tablet or smartphone. And immediately thereafter you’ll begin building a repertoire of songs. It's immediate! Of course, your results are even better if you can practice regularly for a small amount of time. Having taught millions of Simply Music lessons over the last 2+ decades, we’ve found that the ideal practice routine is about 15-20 minutes daily, 4-5 days per week. Naturally, if you’re able to practice more often, then we guarantee even more fantastic results!

A. You don't need to have any attention on, nor even any interest in reading music. In fact, the traditional approach, where students are required to first learn how to read music as a means of learning to play, is one of the main reasons why piano lessons have such a disastrous failure rate. The traditional ‘read first, play later’ approach would be equivalent to every parent insisting that their child first learn how to read and spell as a means of learning how to talk. Preposterous!

As is the case with all of Simply Music's programs, our Music & Creativity program temporarily delays music-reading and draws on your natural and existing aural, visual and kinesthetic skills. Our ‘play first, read later’ approach is just like learning a native language — ‘talk first, read and spell later’. Our unique and revolutionary way of teaching gives you immediate access to your innate musicianship. You’ll build a huge repertoire of great-sounding songs learned through our natural ‘playing-based’ approach of seeing music in terms of shapes and patterns. Remember, the brain is a pattern-seeking device, and as such, the Simply Music approach is perfectly aligned with the way that the brain loves to learn.

A. With the Simply Music playing-based approach, you’ll play with both hands immediately. There’s an experience of success with each new piece that you learn. The pieces are fun and sound quite advanced. If you're willing to play for others, they won't believe what you've done in such a short amount of time. The positive feedback you get, combined with your own joy, success and satisfaction will be powerful in keeping you engaged.

A. Simply Music is unlike any other piano program available. We start with playing — not with reading. No arduous scales and exercises. No tedious drills and theory. You will learn to play by being immersed in the experience of playing and making real music. Exactly like how you learned to talk! Right from the start you’ll be playing great-sounding songs that you’re excited about.

With Simply Music’s playing-based approach, you’ll be playing immediately — with both hands. There is an experience of success with each new piece that you play. The songs are fun to learn and great to play because they sound rich and mature. When friends and family hear you play, they won't believe what you’re achieving in such a short amount of time. The positive feedback, combined with your experience of success, will be powerful in helping to keep you engaged in the process.

A. Piano lessons have one of the highest failure rates of any taught subject. The way instructors have traditionally approached piano teaching has left a vast number of students feeling as though piano is only for those who have a special talent or ability, or those who work very hard for a very long time before achieving any ‘real’ success. Traditional approaches have made it both astonishingly easy and, in fact, quite likely for the majority of students to get discouraged and give up.

However, Simply Music's breakthrough approach is completely different. We believe that absolutely everyone is deeply, naturally and profoundly musical. Playing the piano doesn't require any special talent. It's not just for some people. It’s not hard to learn, and it doesn’t take a long time. It's for all people… (including you!). We draw on your existing aural, visual and kinesthetic skills and get you playing immediately by taking advantage of the brain's inherent design that looks for patterns and sequences.

Even if you’ve previously played for years and then quit, Simply Music will give you a fresh approach and immediate success. You’ll be surprised — maybe even shocked, by what you can do and what you can play by adapting to a new way of learning.

A. Here at Simply Music we have an overarching goal for every student: That they will have music as a lifelong companion. Learning to play any instrument, or to be successful in any endeavor, requires a long-term relationship. As a parent, it is important to recognize that long-term relationships have peaks, valleys and plateaus that last for any length of time and are constantly changing. Recognizing that will help you to stand for your child and their commitment to playing the piano and to understand that there is nothing wrong when your child hits a valley or plateau — it's all part of the journey.

When you sign up for the MAC program, you’ll receive a FREE digital copy of the book Music and the Art of Long-Term Relationships. Written by Simply Music's Founder, Neil Moore, this educational supplement will assist you in managing your child's progress and success.

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What’s in the program...

Simply Music is an international music education organization founded by Australian music educator, Neil Moore. We’re a world leader and pioneer in the field of ‘playing-based’ music learning. Our Music & Creativity Program is a breakthrough, self-study piano and keyboard method that looks at music in a totally new light. It has students of all ages improvising and playing great sounding blues, classical, contemporary and accompaniment pieces - immediately - from their very first lessons. Watch the video to see what’s in the program and find out more about this remarkable new approach.

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